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ACC 280 / XACC 280 : E1-1 Urlacher Company performs the following

ACC 280 / XACC 280

Axia College of University of Phoenix (UoP)

Principles of Accounting

Weygandt, J. J., Kimmel, P. D., & Kieso, D. E. (2008). Financial Accounting (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

ACC 280 / XACC 280 Solution
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Determine effect of transactions on basic accounting equation.

Exercise 1-1 (E1-1) Urlacher Company performs the following accounting tasks during the year.
______Analyzing and interpreting information.
______Classifying economic events.
______Explaining uses, meaning, and limitations of data.
______Keeping a systematic chronological diary of events.
______Measuring events in dollars and cents.
______Preparing accounting reports.
______Reporting information in a standard format.
______Selecting economic activities relevant to the company.
______Summarizing economic events.
Accounting is “an information system that identifies, records, and communicates the economic events of an organization to interested users.”
Categorize the accounting tasks performed by Urlacher as relating to either the identification (I), recording (R), or communication (C) aspects of accounting.

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