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FIN 200: Assignment Workbook Week 7 Solution

FIN 200

Axia College of University of Phoenix (UoP)

Introduction to Finance: Harvesting the Money Tree

Finance 200 Assignment Workbook Week 7 Solution

Week 7 Assignment: Loan Scenarios

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The Niara Corporation is negotiating a loan from Manhattan Bank and Trust. The financial details are as follows:

Niara needs to borrow: $ 600,000
Bank Rate 7.00%
Compensating Balance 12%
Term (yrs) 1


Bank Rate 9.00%
Fees $ 1 2,000
Term (yrs) 1

In either case the rate on the loan is floating (changes as the prime interest rate changes).

a. Which loan carries the lower effective rate? Consider fees to be the equivalent of other interest.
b. If the loan with a compensating balance requirement were to be paid off in 12 monthly payments, what would the effective rate be? (Principal equals amount borrowed minus the compensating balance.)
c. Assume the proceeds from the loan with the compensating balance requirement will be used to take cash discounts.
Disregard part b about installment payments and use the loan cost from part a.
If the terms of the cash discount are 1.5/10, net 50, should the firm borrow the funds to take the discount?
d. Assume the firm actually takes 80 days to pay its bills and would continue to do so in the future if it did not take the cash discount. Should the company take the cash discount?
e. Because the interest rate on the loans is floating, it can go up as interest rates go up. Assume that the
prime rate goes up by 2 percent and the quoted rate on the loan goes up the same amount.
What would then be the effective rate on the loan with compensating balances?
Convert the interest to dollars as the first step in your calculation.
f. In order to hedge against the possible rate increase described in part e, the The Niara Corporation decides to hedge its position in the futures market. Assume it sells $500,000 worth of 12‐month futures contracts on Treasury bonds.
One year later, interest rates go up 2 percent across the board and the Treasury bond futures have gone down to $485,000.
Has the firm effectively hedged the 2 percent increase in interest rates on the bank loan as described in part e?
Determine the answer in dollar amounts.
You must show your work to get credit.

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