Friday, April 23, 2010

ACC 281 Week 4: Questions 1 and 2

ACC 281

Axia College of University of Phoenix (UoP)

Financial Accounting Transaction Analysis

Weygandt, J. J., Kimmel, P. D., & Kieso, D. E. (2008). Financial Accounting (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

ACC 281 Week Four Solution

Individual Assignment

Chapter 11 Questions 1 and 2
1. Jill Loomis believes a current liability is a debt that can be expected to be paid in one year. Is Jill correct? Explain.

2. Frederickson Company obtains $40,000 in cash by signing a 9%, 6-month, $40,000 note payable to First Bank on July 1. Frederickson’s fiscal year ends on September 30. What information should be reported for the note payable in the annual financial statements?

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