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P9-7A On January 1, 2006, Bettendorf Company had Accounts Receivable $56,900

ACC 363

Axia College of University of Phoenix (UoP)

Financial Accounting
Weygandt, Kieso, and Kimmel, 5th Edition

Financial Accounting II

Problem 9-7A (P9-7A) On January 1, 2006, Bettendorf Company had Accounts Receivable $56,900 and Allowance for Doubtful Accounts $4,700. Bettendorf Company prepares financial statements annually. During the year the following selected transactions occurred.

Jan. 5 Sold $6,900 of merchandise to John Yockey Company, terms n/30.
Feb. 2 Accepted a $6,900, 4-month, 10% promissory note from John Yockey Company for the balance due.
Feb.12 Sold $7,800 of merchandise to Skosey Company and accepted Skosey's $7,800, 2-month, 10% note for the balance due.
Feb. 26 Sold $3,000 of merchandise to Platz Co., terms n/10.
Apr. 5 Accepted a $3,000, 3-month, 8% note from Platz Co. for the balance due.
Apr.12 Collected the Skosey Company note in full.
June 2 Collected the John Yockey Company note in full.
July 5 Platz Co. dishonors its note of April 5. It is expected that Platz will eventually pay the amount owed.
July 15 Sold $7,000 of merchandise to King Co. and accepted King's $7,000, 3-month, 12% note for the amount due.
Oct.15 King Co.'s note was dishonored. King Co. is bankrupt, and there is no hope of future settlement.
Journalize the transactions.

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